Business Cards Artwork Requirement

At, we offer various shapes such as square business cards and mini business cards as well as various and finishes such as premium, velvet and UV business cards to complement your design. To get the best results we have put together base templates with bleed lines and safe zones.


Bleed: 3 mm

The bleed allows leeway for cutting differences in production which allow to have perfect edge to edge print. By ensuring that your design (background and colours) extend into the 3 mm bleed around the four edges of your design will avoid white line edges.

Safe margin: 4 mm

The safe margin or safe zone is referred to the area within which your most important items such as contact details are contained. As a rule of thumb, 4 mm away from the edges of the finish size is advisable.

Colour mode: CMYK

You must design your artwork using CMYK colour mode to reflect in printing. Most graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop are by default set up to RGB colour mode, however can be changed to CMYK. RGB colours are used for screen display i.e. computer screen therefore colour accuracy will not be reflected on printed material.

Resolution: 300 dpi

To avoid blurry and pixelated printing, avoid designing your artwork with a resolution lower than 300 dpi.

Format: .pdf / .png / .jpg / .tiff

It is important that you upload an UNEDITABLE file by either merging all layers or chosing a flat format such as .JPG or .PNG prior to save your print-ready artwork.


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